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We want you to enjoy your time at our Meadow, we do not wish to have endless "rules" however we do have to make you aware of the following conditions of hire.

By making a booking you confirm that you and anyone else attending your session have read and agreed to all the following Terms & Conditions:

  • No claim can be made against AllDogs Meadow for any accident, injury or losses sustained whilst using the Meadow. You agree to use the Meadow at your own risk and that you are liable for any costs caused by yourselves or any dog(s) whilst using the Meadow.

  • The field is surrounded by a 6ft high fence but if your dog can jump higher than this then this field may not be secure for you. You are welcome to check the fence for damage or holes, before you let your dog use the field (note this will be during your time slot). We cannot accept responsibility for any escapees. Clients are responsible for their dogs while on site.

  • The field has been previously used for agriculture so there will be uneven ground and occasionally there are sometimes wild animal burrows which we repair as and when found. There may be other hazards in the field such as foreign objects, nettles, thorns, mole hills, biting/stinging insects. 

  • Please do not allow dogs to dig, if they do, please try to fill the hole back in to prevent accident/injury to others and make us aware.

  • At no time should a dog/s be tethered to any structures on site i.e. fencing, posts, gates etc. No dog should be left unattended on site at any time. You must be aware of what your dog/s are doing and that they are safe.

  • Only dogs known to each other are permitted to use the field at the same time. You agree this is at yours and the other owner(s) of the dog(s) risk.

  • Please check the weather before booking, we do not change appointments due to weather conditions.  The surface can be muddy  / slippery in wet conditions so please wear suitable footwear.

  • You confirm you will not be using the field in any professional capacity unless prior agreement by AllDogs Meadow -  it is for personal use only.

  • There are no toilet or refuse facilities at AllDogs Meadow, please keep the field tidy and do not leave any litter behind. If you bring toys, please make sure you take them away with you and pick up any broken bits of toys.

  • Please note that all aversive training equipment is banned at AllDogs Meadow – this includes, but is not limited to: electric collars; spray collars; prong collars, rattle cans and corrector spray. If you are unsure if you are using a banned item, or would like further information on why these items are banned, please get in touch for a chat.

  • We have a strict no smoking or vaping policy on any of the premises. Any client found to be breaking this policy may be banned from future use.

  • At certain times of the year, there will be bird scarers or shooting in the neighbouring fields. We will endeavour to advise you when the “season” starts again but remind you we are situated in a rural setting.


  • Please try to arrive on time, there is no space for “waiting “ outside of the meadow.   If you arrive early please park over in Ringstead Downs until your start time arrives. Do not park on the verges that surround the meadow or obstruct the gate as the person leaving will need to get out of the meadow. 



  • Under no circumstances are you to let yourself into the car park if the previous client is still in the car park or meadow - their dog might escape onto the road or be aggressive. 

  • Stay in your car until the previous vehicle has left. Once the meadow is vacated you can drive in, close the gate and padlock it to keep you and your dogs secure.  If anyone tries to enter the meadow while you are in there please let us know immediately. 

  • When you are leaving the meadow ensure your dogs are secured in the car as you are locking the gate and they cannot get out of your car through the open door and escape onto the road.

  • On leaving DO NOT reverse out, all vehicles must exit the site in forward gear.

  • On leaving the meadow, always lock the padlock, even if somebody is waiting to come in. We ask you to do this because people outside might not be customers. Never tell anyone else the padlock code (they would have been sent it with their booking confirmation.)



  • All payments must be made via the online booking platform - we do not accept any cash bookings. 

  • We reserve the right to cancel your slot if necessary. 

  • We do not provide refunds in the event of you cancelling. If you are unable to attend your booked slot for any reason, it is possible to re-schedule a 50 minute slot up to 24 hours in advance - this will allow the session to be freed up for others.

  • 30 minute slots are only available to book on the day and are not eligible for rescheduling.

  • Do not transfer your booking to someone else - we need to know exactly who is using the meadow at all times.

Dog Health

  • If your dog, or any it lives with, are showing any signs of ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general lethargy etc) you agree to cancel the session.  The field is used by multiple dogs, some with weakened immune systems.

  • You confirm all dogs have been vaccinated/treated for fleas, ticks & worms.  The Meadow is sited within a farm environment, there may be ticks present so it is always advisable to check your dog after they have been to the field. 

Dog Waste

  • *It is a requirement of the field to pick up all poo and place it in the bins provided* - dog waste can create a very serious health risk. Clients not picking up after their dog/s may result in them being banned from future use of the field.

XL Bullies/Exempted breeds

AllDogs Meadow will not be required to assess whether your dog meets the specification of an XL Bully. You agree you have followed Government Guidelines and self certified your dog if required.


You may use The Meadow provided;-

The dog is registered with the index of exempted dog (IED).

You agree to provide a copy of the life certificate and public liability insurance in the event of any incident.
The dog:handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times.
The dog is Neutered and Micro Chipped – in line with Government Rules.
The Meadow is securely fenced and *locked* throughout your session.
The dog is kept on a lead and muzzled until the 6ft gate is shut and locked when entering the Meadow.
The dog is put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the Meadow.
You can remove the lead and muzzle once inside the Meadow.

If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the Meadow together, but the banned breed dog must have its own handler and then another member of the same household needs to be present to supervise the other dogs. If there is more than 1 banned breed in the household they can come together but each banner dog must have its own handler.

Above all we want to give you as dog owners the opportunity to exercise your dogs in a lovely country setting so please respect it and leave it the same as you found it. 

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